Ball valve

STARLINE, an associated company of the SAMSON GROUP, specializes in particularly high-quality forged ball valves. Above all, they are used at pressures exceeding 40 bar or high temperatures to completely shut off the medium flow running through a pipeline. The advantages of STARLINE valves include the particularly long service life and their certification for critical processes. Thanks to the close cooperation between STARLINE and nearby AIR TORQUE, STARLINE can equip its ball valves with pneumatic actuators that are specifically designed to actuate ball valves. STARLINE products are often used in the oil and gas industry, with emphasis on providing control solutions for oil and gas exploration, offshore operations, refineries, pipeline transport and gas compression. Additional applications of the ball valves include power plant engineering, the pulp and paper industry as well as seawater desalination plants.

  Ball valve with actuator
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