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Rotary plug valve

VETEC, an associated company of the SAMSON GROUP, specializes in rotary plug valves. They are mainly used in processes where high flow rates and low or medium pressure drops are frequently encountered. VETEC's Maxifluss rotary plug valves combine the advantages of conventional globe valves, butterfly valves and ball valves into one instrument. Thanks to the double eccentric design of the rotary plug, it only comes into contact with the valve seat when the valve is completely closed; the plug and seat do not touch even when the valve is only slightly open. An added benefit of the valves is that, when they close, any fibers contained in the process medium are cut off and cannot impair the valves' proper functioning. Tight valve shut-off is guaranteed even at high pressure drops, while a high rangeability ensures precise control. The plug does not obstruct the flow path when the valve is open and, as a result, the fluid can flow through the entire cross-section of the pipe.

  Rotary plug valve with actuator and positioner
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